• Colour Personal Computing - Issue 2 (pre-order)


    We are now accepting pre-orders for Issue 2 of Colour Personal Computing, which will be the first issue in full colour.

    The anticipated publishing date has slipped back slightly to the 24th April 2017. We will try our best to meet this date, but please be aware that some slippage may be possible - if this is the case then we will keep you informed of this.

    Contents are still being finalised (and are subject to change), but here is what we anticipate to be in this issue:
    - Part two of our feature on floppy emulation - we show you how to add an LCD screen to your GoTek drive.
    - Our guide to cart conversions. We (attempt) to convert some classic titles and show you how it's done
    - Reviews of Defence, PiCrocs, Cyber Chicken, Chibi Akuma, Magica, Vector Vaults and anything else that gets released between now and then.
    - More on: Pinball Dreams CPC, Street Fighter II and other upcoming games.
    - Also: Regular stuff like news and possibly some features we haven't even thought of yet!