How We Got Started

Colour Personal Computing is the fulfilment of my (almost) life-long dream of starting an Amstrad CPC fanzine. In 1994, at the age of eleven I came very close, creating the first issue of a cross-platform PC & CPC fanzine with a friend. We were even planning on heading into our local WHSmith's to see if they could stock it on their shelves (we were small boys with big ambition). However, it was not not to be. My friend and I drifted apart before the fanzine could ever be printed, but the idea and missed opportunity has sat with me ever since. Like many other CPC users, I eventually got a PC and the time spent with my CPC became less and less as the releases slowly dwindled, but I've always kept one eye on my first love and have continued to follow the scene and dipped a toe into emulation every now and then.

Recently, with the growing popularity in 'retro' computers it feels like the CPC has gotten a second wind. There have been more games released in the last few years than in the previous ten, and some absolutely wonderful pieces of hardware that drag the thirty-year old computer kicking and screaming into the 2010's.

Feeling that I was almost certainly missing out, I retrieved my beloved CPC from my father's attic and tentatively switched it on, and it still worked! So this fanzine is in-part be the story of my experiences in rediscovering the machine after such a long time.

There are of course lots of websites dedicated to the Amstrad CPC, but print publications are few and far between so hopefully there's a small gap in the community where this will fit.

Issue 1 released in January 2017 and issue 2, which will be the first in full colour will finally be released in January 2018.